We help consumers in Europe find the right financial products

Lead Supply is an online comparison startup company based in Aarhus, Denmark

We are an international team motivated by helping consumers make better decisions when choosing a financial product.

We are owned partly by North Media A/S, a group that is listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange. We mix startup innovation and culture with the experience of an established company.

In our work, we focus on building the best products, and we optimize our marketing efforts continuously. This is a winning combination, which is why we are among the fastest growing companies in the financial space in Scandinavia.

We are currently active in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, France and Spain.

Our vision is to become the market leader in Europe by 2019, and we are looking for the right people to be part of our journey!

Our partners

We are helping some of the largest financial institutions in Europe by connecting them with the most valuable customers.

Our team

Our team always strives to be the best - whether we are launching a new marketing campaign or driving Go-Karts!

Andreas Linde

Andreas Linde

CO-CEO - Head of Business

Phone: +45 29 70 45 70


Stefan Olesen

Stefan Olesen

CO-CEO - Head of Product

Phone: +45 28 49 39 96


Henrik Løvig

Henrik Løvig

Chairman of the Board

Anders Hyldborg

Anders Hyldborg

Member of the Board


Martin Jessen

Frontend Developer


Employee to be announced

Backend Developer


Rasmus Bay

Danish Data Analyst and PR Manager


Employee to be announced

SEM Specialist


Mathilde Kjæhr

Danish Content Manager


Meral Hansen

German Content Manager


Amanda Özek

Swedish Content mMnager


Camille Dalmasso

French Content Manager


Natascha Pustelnik

Spanish Content Manager


Kristin Eika Gjørven

Norwegian Content Manager

What we support

We believe in giving back to your community. We support charities, that focus on healthcare, animals and refugees.

Danske hospitals klovne
Diabetes foreningen
Dyrenes beskyttelse
Folkekirkens nødhjælp
Red barnet
Røde kors

What we do

Product development

We are building, launching and optimizing existing and new products constantly. Our websites are built on a highly customized WordPress platform. We don’t believe in surveys or user tests - we believe in getting our products out there and see how people actually respond.

Content marketing

We believe that quality content is a big part of building trust between us and our customers and of increasing conversion rates, which is why we invest in different kinds of content and distribution. We strive to be the most informative resource in the financial space.

Artificial intelligence

We build products that incorporate artificial intelligence to automate daily operations and minimize maintenance. Because we have minimal maintenance, our work is more fun, scalable and profitable.

Data driven

Every decision we make is based on data and we monitor our online activities constantly. Every morning we analyze our most important KPIs and every employee has their own set of KPIs. We believe that work is more fun and rewarding when results are measurable – and we always celebrate when we beat our KPIs!


Our sites

We operate a wide range of websites on which our customers compare loans, credit cards, broadband, mobile subscriptions, unemployment funds, insurance and more. Take a look at some of our websites: Fair-laan.no, Fair-laan.se and Pristjek.

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