Financial comparison startup rapidly expanding in Europe

We're a fintech startup on a mission to provide a 10x better banking experience for consumers all over Europe


We help more than 80 banks

  • Grow their customer base.
  • Get high quality customers.
  • Do more efficient marketing.

Our products



  • Get personalized list of recommendations in 3 minutes.
  • Best way to find a loan.
  • Save time in the application process.

We believe in

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Data obsession

  • We gather data to provide highly personalized experiences for our customers.
  • All our decisions are based on data.
  • Our anonymized data is regularly being used by newspapers due to its high quality.
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Cutting-edge Marketing

  • We are always testing new channels, ad formats, participating in beta tests etc.
  • We incorporate machine learning to optimize our marketing channels.
  • Our content is helpful, honest and written in a tone of voice, that our customers can relate to.
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10x products

  • We strive to provide 10x better experiences for consumers in the market for a loan compared to the existing options.
  • We strive to provide 10x better marketing for banks by growing their customer base with new highly relevant and valuable customers.
  • Our products are constantly evolving to suit the needs of our customers and our partners.

Job openings

We are always looking for A-players. You’re welcome to send an unsolicited application, as we are continually looking to fill new positions.

Aarhus - Full-time
Aarhus - Full-time
Aarhus - Full-time